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Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates

Fields of application
ASTM B898 or Discussion
Zirconium and zirconium alloy
Common carbon plate,
vessel steel sheet,
alloy steel sheet,
steel forged piece
Energy,   chemical industry, Acetic acid project, etc.
ASTM B898 or Discussion
Tantalum and Tantalum alloy
Chemical industry, acetic acid project, etc.
ASTM A265 or Discussion
Hastelloy alloy, Inconel alloy, etc.
Chlor-alkali, petrochemical industry, paper making  industry, etc.
ASTM B432 or Discussion
Copper and copper alloy
Metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile industry,etc.

 R60702/SB265 Gr.2 /SA516 Gr.70
 3/2.6/26 xφ2580mm
    R60702 /Gr.1 /SA516 Gr.70
    3/2.6/26 xφ2000mm
  Inconel600 /SA516 Gr.70
  3/32 x φ2225mm
    R60702/SB265 Gr.1/SA516 Gr.70
    8/2/55 x φ1730mm
 SB265 Gr.2 / SA516 Gr.70 / TP316L
 8/80/6 x φ2780mm
    Inconel 600 /SA516 Gr.70
    3/32 x 2400 x 8400mm
 SB171 C70600/ SA266M Gr.2 /
 C70600:14/110/14 x 1870 x 2093 mm
    T2 (UNS C11000) /SA516 Gr.70
    6/20 x 1500 x 8500mm 

Inconel 600 / SA516 Gr.70
3/32 x 2500 x 9250mm
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