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Other Clad Metal Materials
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Home Technical Development Patents


1、Billet for the fitting of special section & equal diameter clad metal tubes(ZL99211475.6)
2、Manufacture of bimetal composite pots(ZL93102193.6)
3、A cored soldered aluminum-titanium-aluminum three-ply cladding sheet(ZL96104978.2)
4、A metal reaction kettles(ZL02294113.4)
5、A production method of full clad copper-core composite bars(ZL03153140.7)
6、A clad metal composite for golf putters(20071012920.0)
7、A preparation method of thin titanium/Clad Steel Plates(200810226955.3)
8、A preparation method of seamless thin cladding titanium/Clad Steel Plates(200810226956.8)
9、A titanium and titanium alloy/Clad Steel Plates and preparation method(200810226957.2)

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